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Wrestling with the status quo.
Weighing environmental and economic absurdities.
Disentangling metaphors.

Saturday, 18 March 2017


In 2010 the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary began a process for a Kettle River Watershed Management Plan (KRWMP). The Plan was finalized and published 2014/2015.
The process began after repeated appearances of the Kettle on the Endangered Rivers List.
The Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C.’s Endangered Rivers List of March 2011 listed the Kettle River as the #1 Endangered River in the Province. The Kettle reached this sorry position after climbing up the list over several years, having been #2 in 2010.

See our full critique here:

Our extended article critiques the way this process was initiated, the inadequate Terms of Reference and critical gaps, errors and omissions in the Technical Assessment (Summit Environmental Report) and the KRWMP Report. The article also criticizes the adequacy of the Plan in addressing current and future issues affecting the Kettle Watershed and in creating full public awareness of those issues. The KRWMP is less a “Management Plan” than a limited overview of the issues, lacking concrete actions to address the issues, and a Plan which largely suggests other levels of Government do what is needed.
Our extended article expands on the following topics:

·         Background

·         Terms of Reference

·         Process Structure,

·         How well did the KRWMP Structure Work ?

·         Public Meeting Format

·         Water Quality & Source Water Protection

·         Water Quality: Heavy metals & substances

·         Low water flows & High temperatures

·         Conclusions & Recommendations

Our final recommendation is that no one should use the KRWMP as a template.

Our extended article also links to our youtube video below.
If your devices and download speeds allow, video is available in up to 1920 x 1080 high definition.

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