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Wednesday 11 April 2018

E.COLI in RANGELAND STREAMS 2017: The problem continues.

Our new report:      for 2017 is the fourth in a series of reports documenting E.coli in range-land streams.       
see the full report:    here

The project began in 2007 and has shown that  E.coli counts are almost entirely related to range-cattle presence or absence and that E.coli counts that could be attributable to wildlife (in the absence of cattle) are negligible or frequently nil.

Monthly stream testing going back to 2007 firmly established the patterns of contamination to the point that further monthly testing at our own considerable expense is no longer necessary to prove the point. It is interesting however to periodically sample, based on cattle activity in riparian zones, and when observations suggest, that contamination is likely.

Our new report again focuses on Johnstone Creek, Ingram Creek, Gilpin Creek and the Gilpin.

Notably two of the areas of sampling are within Provincial Parks, Johnstone and Gilpin.

As in past years the stream contamination speaks to the inability or unwillingness of oversight agencies to prevent damage and contamination on public-lands.

For the full 2017 Report and links to the three preceding reports,       here

dugout in Gilpin Grasslands. See report for contamination results.
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Same oozing dugout as in above picture.
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